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My wife and I recently sat down to watch our 20 year wedding video.  At the end of the reception, the tape snapped and the film basically became useless.  Fortunately we had saved our memories to digital format so that would never happen again and our precious moments would be cherrished for a lifetime and beyond.  Tape tends to break down after a number of years sitting around.  Take time now to protect the memories that mean the most to you by transfering your tape video to digital format. Call today to get started 910 890 3459 or email.


Conversion Prices


Digitizing the Footage (per Tape)

                                     VHS-C, VHS, MiniDV, HI-8, Super 8  

                                    $10 Transfer Fee for All Media Above.  


Putting Footage on

                  DVD                (4.7 gb)       $25

                  DVD-DL          (9.4 gb)       $40

                  Blu-ray           (25 gb)        $25

                  Blu-ray DL      (50 gb)        $40

                         Flash Drive                 $50  (16GB)

Includes print-on  personlized discs with storage case


Footage stored on reusable external hard drive (1TB Storage) for fast online sharing  $120

Several memories preserved on one great storage solution. 


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